You're here because your brain has too many tabs open!

Your days are a carousel of meetings and endless to-do lists.

You're concentrating on doing, instead of focusing on revenue-generating tasks.

You struggle to balance work, home, aspirations and goals.

If it can be delegated, Claudia can get it done!


does your brain have too many tabs open?

Simplify your life now!

I’m here to create time for the more important things in your life.

Think of me as your professional & personal Operational Support, only I do this remotely and at a cost saving to you and your business.

With over 25 years’ International experience working as an Executive Business Partner supporting Senior Management at companies such as Shell, Bechtel, Danone, Mubadala (The Sovereign Fund of the UAE) & AT&T I have refined the skills to support you in all facets of your life.

I will be there to take care of all your general administration, project, operations, travel, family co-ordination, events, diary & household management concerns. Separate packages are available for translations, editing, sub-editing & proofreading.

With the advancement of technology an Assistant no longer needs to work in an office every day. Hiring remote support offers you agility, flexibility and an extra pair of hands. 

My dedicated services are tailored to your unique needs.



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My skillset plus experience allows me to offer these unique attributes:

  • 25 years Executive Assistance experience working for top tier listed Corporations & Private Family Offices.
  • Certified Virtual Assistant.
  • Globally experienced having worked throughout Europe, the Middle East & the US.
  • Worked across multiple industries including: Telecoms, FMCG, Construction, Legal, Sovereign Fund, Oil & Gas.
  • Managed complexities of Cross-Cultural Working and Global Mobility.
  • Multi-lingual being fluent in English, Dutch & French. Also conversant in Spanish. 
  • Able to support clients globally. 

How Can I help?


  • Executive Assistance
  • Life Management
  • Operations Management
  • Resource Management
  • Project Management
  • People Management

Tasks Managed To Date:

    • Calendar & Contact Management
    • Research & Drafting of Presentations (incl. lesson plans & key notes)
    • Managing Web & Social Media Content
    • Proofreading, editing & sub-editing
    • Translations between Dutch, French & Spanish into English
    • Business & Personal Recruitment Process Management
    • Global Mobility Co-Ordination
    • Global Event Management
    • Business & Personal Travel Management 
    • Family Social Events
    • Household Management
    • Gift Purchasing
    • Family Healthcare
    • Home Office Fit-Out & Set-Up
    • Private Vehicle purchase & maintenance thereof
    • Manage & Organise purchase of private properties, Fit-Out of properties & overseeing Interior Design



  • My standard hourly rate for ad-hoc virtual business & life management is £40.00, with a minimum of five hours booked.
  • If you know you’ll be in need of 10, 20 or more hours of support per month, my retainer packages will be your best option. 
  • Please get in touch so that we can tailor a retainer package to your needs.
  • Hours must be used within a calendar month, and cannot be carried forward to the following month.
  • Translation is charged at £0.12 per word, editing & sub-editing is charged at £42.50 per hour.
  • I use an online time tracking app to track my time and, if needed, a breakdown can be provided with your invoice.
  • Should there be any additional costs to complete your tasks, such as, postage, couriers, mileage, these will be listed and agreed in advance and billed at cost.
  • Work will not commence until payment has been received (funds cleared in bank account).
  • I highly advise using Transferwise for international payments.

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Let’s create time for the more important things in your life.