Behind every successful Business Leader is an inimitable Virtual Assistant

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Have you ever seen the words Virtual Assistant (VA) and wondered what the hell that means, or how you could get one?

Virtual Assistant is more of an umbrella term for all sorts of support you can hire remotely.

There are tech VAs, copywriting VAs, bookkeeping VAs, Virtual EAs, etc.

With the never-ending digitalisation of our world, being able to work remotely is a reality and no longer a dream.

For whatever reason, staff and business leaders, need the flexibility in their lives.

Us VAs are not re-inventing the wheel. We just offer assistance from a different point of view. 

We are experienced, high performing professionals who do everything we would in a corporate setting, we just choose to work from our own well equipped home offices. Some of us are digital nomads, being in different countries to where our clients are based.

We are business owners, who keep up with the latest technology and apps as much as we can. There is a continuous self-learning curve, which is key, making sure we are able to offer our clients the most up to date services possible.

My journey to becoming a VA

Having worked in all areas of business admin for 20+ years, I realised that it was time for a change. Office politics, endless commutes, and working in hierarchical environments were no longer for me.

I’ve worked with senior management in different countries and industries. I’ve worked at world-renowned corporations and in private family offices. This experience and exposure has allowed me to refine my skills and support my clients in all facets of their lives.

I realise that no two days are the same, neither are the people I assist. Work and personal lives all roll into one and everything needs to be tracked, taken care of and organised.

Speaking Dutch, French & English fluently with a smattering of Spanish allows me to help a host of different clients.

The lightbulb moment

I knew that I am good at what I do, and at the core of all of my working life, helping others is what I excelled at. I just needed to find “my thing” and work out what I could possibly offer others, making an impact on their lives and giving them back some much needed time.

The criteria for me setting up on my own was that I wanted to work wherever the internet was. I no longer wanted to work in a corporate office setting and I knew that I wanted to be a digital nomad one day.

After loads of research I had a lightbulb moment when I stumbled across the VA world back in 2015. I signed up for a course immediately, and have never looked back. Not only did the course teach me how to run a business, it also taught me how to find my niche, how to work out my pricing, and how best to support my clients.

Why you need a VA

Knowledge comes from experience and here are some of the pain points clients were experiencing and why they decided to hire a VA. They also let me know what the value was, once they had found their own secret weapon.

  • Difficulty completing the most important tasks

If you’re spending most of your days sorting out your diary, meetings and emails, you’re not able to focus on the bigger picture. A VA can take these tasks off your plate allowing you to scale and grow your business.

  • You’re always travelling

Having a VA working behind the scenes, when you’re up in the clouds, allows you a more streamlined and efficient work/life balance knowing that everything is taken care of when you’re out of town.

  • You’re organising instead of executing

Your business relies on your vision and direction. This is the first step. But you soon realise that your vision might require more manpower than you thought and you can’t do everything on your own. Having a dedicated VA who can roll up their sleeves, streamline processes, procedures, and help wherever needed, is a great option.

  • You don’t need/want permanent members of staff

Although you might be ready to grow your team and delegate tasks, you don’t need/want permanent staff. Having the flexibility of choosing a VA allows you to pay for whatever tasks need to get done, whilst your business grows. The great thing about having a VA is that they are able to grow with your business too.

  • Your desk is covered in Post-it notes & to-do lists

You realise it’s time to hire a VA when your desk is groaning with tasks and projects you can’t complete all on your own. With a VA you get specialist help when it comes to social-media, event & project management, research, presentation preparation, etc.

  • You need support, but you don’t even have an office

When you are just starting out, or are constantly travelling, you might not even have an office. You might work from your garage or the local coffee shop. Hiring a VA cuts out all the usual things a physical, permanent member of staff would need.

  • You spend hours a day trying to figure out your social media presence

Let’s face it. Social media can be distracting. It can be confusing. And, at times, it can make no sense. Hiring a VA who is a pro at social media, allows you to build up a presence and gain exposure without having to do any of the work.

  • You’ve been telling yourself, if only I had an hour or 2 to work on……….

There’s a project that you’ve had in mind forever. You know that it would help your business immensely. You just don’t have the time, or mind-space to focus on it. Get your VA involved, tell them what you want to achieve. Let them know that your gut is telling you this is going to be huge for your business. Let them run with it. Professional VAs are exceptional at finding solutions to problems and being miracle workers. They’ll figure it out and set out a plan of action for you.

  • You shudder at the thought of anyone seeing your “filing” system

Hire a VA to get you organised. Organisation, communication and consistency are key when it comes to running a business. A VA will be able to see where the problem lies, get some scope and understanding of the problem, as well as getting everything sorted and organised. It might take a while, depending on how disastrous your “filing” system is, but it’ll be a breath of fresh air once it’s done!


As you can see, there are many different ways a VA can help you. Making the decision to hire a VA might just be the best thing you’ve ever done. VAs really are your second pair of hands, your extra brain, and a brilliant sounding board. They become your secret weapon!

For me, the key element of setting up my own business, wasn’t that my business would be about me. It would be about my clients and how I can be the best support and second pair of hands they could find.

If you’re ready to create time for the more important things in life, and think that we would be a good fit, please get in touch here.

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