Shiny Object Syndrome (SOS)

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Rewind your mind to when you were a child. You’re sat in class. Something catches your eye and you lose all concentration on what the teacher is saying. It could be that someone got a new pair of shoes. You want them. It could be that there’s a poster on the wall that is talking to you. You get completely distracted and wouldn’t have a clue what the class was about at the end of it.

SOS as a Virtual Assistant

Starting out on your VA journey introduces you to so many new things and products, you’re like a sponge taking everything in. As a VA you need to constantly update your skills and knowledge of products you use to run your business. The problem is that you start with a certain CRM app, and then in a forum you’re a member of, scores of people are talking about another CRM app that they CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT.

You’re either one of 2 people

  • You’ll go straight to the app’s home page telling yourself I need it, I can’t live without it and download it.
  • You’re happy with the app you are currently using and know that even though they’re not all the same, they are all quite similar.

If you are the first person – you are liable to get distracted on what the true tasks are at hand. Yes, you need to be comfortable with and knowledgeable in the products you use, they need to be able to simplify your life, and help you move your business forward with little to no hassle. BUT you don’t need to download every single app going, which just ends in a mound of confusion and tension when it comes to updating them and your skills.

SOS in Business

You might notice this pattern:

  • a list of business ideas which never get executed
  • a list of business goals that you never see through
  • you have signed up to loads of different online courses, teaching the same thing, but none of them have been completed
  • accept different kinds of invitations to talks on the same subject

How to avoid SOS

How do you stay focused and get rid of distractions?

  • New doesn’t always mean better
  • Don’t always believe the hype
  • Measure if the shiny objects fit into your business & life
  • Try and block out the “noise”
  • Understand that switching products constantly will not work out cheaper or give any time back
  • Wait and see if you really need to replace, purchase, or update a product that you are currently using
  • is it a Shiny Object or a Real Opportunity?


With the fast paced world that we live in and working in a “virtual” world, we do need to keep in touch and up to date with the latest trends and new tools that are out there. SOS is not about ignoring new things, it is about realising that you can’t chase every new trend and own every new product on the market.

Are you ready to stop getting distracted and get organised and gain some precious time in your business and personal life?

Get in touch here so that we can discuss your needs and expectations as well as getting you back to doing the things you love.

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